To what use(s) could I put a second wireless router?

I just got a Motorola WR850G thinking (wrongly) I might be able to use to as an access point bridged back to my main wireless router (Netgear MR814v2). The geometry / blocking in my house makes me want to have 2 places in my house where I can connect wirelessly.

But I guess I could at least bridge the Mot back to the Netgear if I feel like pulling the cable. Then, though not bridged through the air, I'd still get some use out of it.

Besides a paperweight, what else could I use the Mot for? At some point, I could make it my main router since it's G unlike the B Netgear... right now B vs. G doesn't make enough difference for my basic wireless needs.


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Tripp Knightly
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Amazing. I have an MR814v2 and a Motorola WR850G. I couldn't make the Moto talk to the (marvelous) Netgear, so I moved it to another building with its own connection and run my laptop from it.

Having used Netgear and LinkSys stuff, I'm stunned at the "user interface" that Motorola and DLink use. Is it possible they hate their customers? Every time you make ONE change, you have to reboot it. What crap.

The Moto works well in 64bit WEP, and, while it claims to be working with WPA-PSK, it doesn't actually transmit any, you know, DATA. If it weren't for my little corner of heaven where I smoke cigars and lurk on usenet, I'd use it to prop open my bathroom door. Its replacement will be another Netgear.

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Father Dale

You can turn it into a wire/wireless AP switch to extend the network.

Duane :)

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