croatia europe broadband situation like thousend years ago

well we here have local cable providers and dsl by state company

cable from 64/64kb (1/10 of my monthly salary)which i have to 512/128kb (1/3 of my monthly ...) adsl 300 and something kb

how this stuff works in yours countries ? ( ?/? and cost )


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I pay about $40.50 (Canadian) for cable acccess at 5 Mb down & 800 Kb up. That would be less than a couple of hours pay or less then I'd spend buying coffee each month. It would also cover the cost of a nice evening at the pub, including dinner. I could also buy almost 60 litres of gasoline for what I pay for internet access. One Canadian $ is about 0.61 Euro, so I'd be paying about 24.86 Euro / month for my cable modem connection.

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