Comcast Firmware Causing Problems?

I am signed up with service through Comcast ( I notice that my traffic now makes an extra hop to (, which doesn't make sense. It never has done that before. That is the major POP for an adjoining county in this state.

Getting strange stray TCP packet resets from SARCOM, Inc. - home.

I also noticed that I am receiving a lot more spam on web pages than I used to. Some pages come through the cable lines incomplete or corrupted.

The firmware I noticed being loaded in the Motorola Surfboard cable modem SB5120 config is:

DHCP: OFFER: Setting (*) CM TFTP Boot file:

I can find no other mentions of this firmware on the web.

I also find that nothing happens when I try and click on the "Reset All Defaults" button like it should. The confirmation warning that it will take a long time to reset appears, but nothing happens thereafter. This has to be a feature built into the firmware...

So can anyone identify what might be going on with this firmware? Can can anyone identify it? First they pull selective traffic shaping on torrents, and now this...


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I live out in Kansas and a lot of my traceroute's show hops through New Jersey. So what.

Use the pop-up blocker feature in your web browser, as well as good anti-* (virus, adware, malware, etc.) software.

The cable company specifies the firmware that will be loaded. You have no control over it.

What do you think should happen?

Are you actually having any problems, or is this just a curiosity thing?

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Bill M.

Yeah, I suppose that I am just overreacting to some suspicious textual matter that is appearing in web pages I pull up. It is also strange that Youtube is not accepting my uploaded content anymore (the evidence here is substantial), I could simply be crazy, or just plain ignorant of the cause. Whatever the case, just humor my post. Reminds me of the good old days when I was playing Phantasmagoria.


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I have Comcast in Virginia, I think you answered your own question in the beginning...."That is the major POP for an adjoining county in this state." They are moving you to a mojor pop for thier own reasons. Comcast moves things around as they do service, find better and faster ways to move things thru their net, etc, etc, etc. Not all of them come out better for you and I. Router firmware is router firmware, there is no way to stop it and again Comcast will load the version they chose so it does what they want it to do, again we end users either follow along of call a competitor. As the we becomes more and more busy as a result of mroe and more people using it every day more and more websites will be put up that are crap! Some of the incomplete loads are from that, some are not. Some are from the major routing points on the net not giving your site enough time to pass thru before moving on to someone elses request. There is no direct line from you to me, so the net goes thru major points to get there. Sometimes a direct line is not hte fastest so the major points route the traffic in the most efficient way. Sometimes traffic gets lost when that happens. As the web ages I think more and more of it will happen. The web is not full but definately getting there! Comcast will always try and pull stunts like the torrent thing they did. This is a result of the MPAA, etc, etc, etc giving Comcast, and all the other ISP's grief about what is going thru their networks. Comcast just tried to make things difficult for their users to help the MPAA do its job of stopping piracy. Was it the right thing to do, obviously not! Was it an idea that was given a lot of thought by the Comcast bigwigs, obviously! Yes I think Comcast, and the other ISP's, will try more things in the future to try and stop the piracy on the net. No I don't think they will leap into it as fast next time. Think about it, customer A goes into the grocery store and knocks over a bottle of oil and it goes all over the floor. Custoemr B comes in and slips in the oil and sues, do they win? Of course they do!!! Same thing with piracy, Comcast, and the other ISP's, are providing the means for piracy and are scared to death some company will sue them for the lost money from the software!!! Sure you can say it was you and I that actually posted the pirate software, but it was you and I that spilled the oil too! The grocery store did not spill the oil, but they are the ones that got sued and lost big time money over it!!! In short Comcast does what it does and either we play along or take our money and pay someone else. Me, I pay Comcast but Verizon FIOS is at my door and they are offerring MUCH faster service!!!

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