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If you were to open a showroom intended to display the latest abilities of Home Automation, who would you talk to first?

Is there anyone out there who has any experience of seamlessly integrating HA solutions with Microsoft Media Center?

Anyone heard of

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Again, if you were to setup a showroom for HA. You might have to demonstrate total home video. what might be the options be over (a) wireless, (b) CAT5,(c) CAT6?

Anyone managed to get their hands on a "Microsoft Media Centre Extender" in the uk yet?

Anyone heard of

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? - like their kit?

Anyone got Sky connected to Microsoft Media Centre via either RF/svideo/Composite ?

Why does my wide hate my girlfriend?


Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated


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Trevor Daniel
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In article , Trevor Daniel wrote:

1) me 2) myself 3) I

But, then, I know what I'm doing in such things.

Not me. I use _reliable_ system components.

Nope. but I'm on the left side of the big pond. :)

For video:

distribution over: coax cable twisted-pair cable RF Infra-Red

'at set' "media converters" to adapt distribution to set input requirements

'head end' switching/selection between disparate sources.

video (baseband and broadband) 'distribution amplifiers' to allow feeding multiple devices from single source.

RF 'demodulators' (to convert an incoming RF signal to 'baseband' video) RF 'modulators' (to convert a 'baseband' signal to RF for distribution)

computer-generated 'overlay' of data on top of an _existing_ video signal, for remote display.

computer-generated "picture in a picture" -- to insert one source _into_ another one; e.g. shot from a 'front door' camera, when the doorbell rings.

Audio is a whole separate kettle of fish.

As is telephone.

As is 'intercom'.

For 'total home automation', you also want to be able to show off: HVAC controls: heat/cool mode switching heat/cool on/off ventilation on/off (ideally independent of the heat/cool on-off, lets one wait for the heat/cool to become effective before starting to move air; and to keep moving air after the heat/cool cycles off, reclaiming the residual 'delta temperature' in the heat plant) ventilation selectivity -- ability to heat/cool *some* areas while not sending heat/cooling to other areas. Or to adjust the share of the heat/cooling going to particular areas. Necessary for, for example, keeping 'occupied' rooms more 'comfortable' than un-occupied ones. climate monitoring (interior _and_ exterior), motorized window curtains and blinds. room occupancy sensing. for lighting and HVAC controls, etc. 'security system' components telephone-line 'call out' to security monitoring service, and/or others RF notification to security monitoring service, and/or others (what if thieves cut the phone wires _first_?? ) alarm devices -- sirens, horns, lights, etc. 'control' devices -- system arm/disable, 'panic button', etc. 'biometric' identification for controls -- fingerprint scanners, etc. perimeter sensors door sensors (exterior and interior) window sensors glass-break sensors pressure sensors motion sensors "flood" detectors -- for basements, etc. fire sensors smoke sensors Carbon-monoxide sensors etc. etc.

"Fancy stuff", maybe to include: water flow monitoring at any/every 'devices', with computer-controlled shut-off in the event of 'overflow' situation detection. Electrical consumption monitoring (instantaneous, and integration over time) for 'operating cost' tracking. Water consumption monitoring (both 'total' and "hot water"), again, for 'operating cost' tracking.

"(Almost) Beyond the state of the Art": 'smart' door locks, electrical switches, etc. that operate _only_ when an appropriate RFID 'tag' is near by. said tag being embedded _under_the_ _skin_. The thing works only if -you- are operating it.

I'm not in the U.K., so I haven't tried to get one in the UK. Wouldn't try to get one, anyway. (lotsa help aren't I? )

haven't tried. Wouldn't try.

*THAT* is simple!

Your girlfriend stole your wife's boyfriend, then dumped him when she hooked up with you.

P.S.: I think I'm better off without *either* of 'em in my life.

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Robert Bonomi

You should contact Scott or Jeff @

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The number is on the website.


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