Mac Mini for home control.

Is anyone out there taking advantage of the new Macs with intel
processors to run home control and monitoring software? If so what are
you running on your little power house?
I am thinking about getting one to run my house.
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Michelle P
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I'm only using a G4 mini, but I'm using Xtension for home automation (intelligent, scriptable control). Very satisfied with the software, developer support is immediate, and discussion & support list is excellent. (I haven't seen a negative comment in 6+ years!!) Lurk on the list for a while, try the full featured demo and see what you think. No affiliation with the developer, just a satisfied user.
Bruce Michelle P wrote:
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I agree that Xtension has a great support network and seems to have excellent features. There is also another app for Mac home automation called Indigo (perceptive automation). Decent interface, good support. - satisfied user
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Hey guy thank for the responses but I guess I should have been more clear. I was wondering if anyone was running MS Windows on the Mac Mini for home control and what they were using for software.
Thanks, Michelle P
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