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Hi there. I am looking into getting some home automation software that I can customize to a good degree. I got homeseer trial, but I find it both clunky (the interface is very slow), and expensive. I'm wondering if there's any good open source programs (preferably written in C or a derivative) that can control my Insteon power-linc, and USB- UART. I don't need web access, just to be able to send and recieve commands, and to be able to run custom scripts when I get an event.



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Hi John

Dont think theres xPL support for Insteon But it does have an Plugin for the USBUIRT... and its FREE........Have a look here

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HTH Frank

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Frank Mc Alinden

HomeDaemon is open source - it doesn't support Insteon, but does support ZWave, and you could add a module to do whatever else you wanted.

See my home page for the link.

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Karl Denninger

Have a look at Misterhouse (misterhouse.sourceforge.net). It's written in perl and has support for about every device available.


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Markus Baertschi

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