looking for a PULL network Mp3 Player?

I am looking for a Network Mp3 player like the old audiotron.

The BIG difference with the audiotron was that it needed NO server software, as it was Windows CE driven, it could find all the share-points on its own and then PULLED the files over to play them.

All of the new Network Mp3 players I have found require you to put some software on every PC that has MP3 files on them so they can be "pushed" out.

I want to keep my PCs "clean", so I really don't want to put any "extra" softweare on them.

Does anyone Know of a replacement for the Audiotron that PULLS the files over?

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Bob Sisson
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why not just get a cheap tablet PC? I wallmounted my $250 Fujitsu 3400, it's a P3-400 which is more than enough horsepower for this. Plus, as it's a PC with a 10" screen, you get much better real estate than the audiotron.

I used to have an A/T - tossed it in favor of a solution like this.

BTW, if you want to see pictures of what it looks like, i put some up at

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