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Does anyone know of a system of playing MP3 files through an amplifier without the use of a laptop etc. In other words is there a simpilfied 'Jukebox' computer that has a screen bigger than the likes of an IRiver/Ipod - something the size of a small laptop screen without the expense of buying a laptop??

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What I did in my garage was buy a cheap DVD player that plays MP3 and hooked it into my receiver (audio) and a small B&W monitor (video). That way, I had a screen to show everything that was playing, plus it was remote controlled. Hope this helps. JW

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Yes! I do much the same thing - about 20 slots of my Sony 400 disc DVD jukebox are loaded with MP3 disks of different genres. Since it's hooked into the house CATV and PowerMid IR controllers, it's a cinch to pull up the playlist on any TV in the house and select whatever disks and tracks you want. When it's not serving music, it's playing DVDs throughout the house using the same equipment. Works out very nicely and no PC's are involved. DVD's hold an *awful* lot of MP3's. Nero has a special feature to create DVD MP3's that I use as well. My entire CD collection boiled down to only 4 DVD's because a lot of so-so tracks never got ripped. We have a lot of redundancy in the discs that are loaded in the jukebox so we can select various mixes of music more easily.

While there's only true hi-fi stereo in two rooms (where the main and remote speakers of the amp are located) we both find the music playing from the remote TV's quite acceptable. If the quality really bothered my, I'd buy MTS stereo capable modulators, but in the bedrooms and kitchen, hi-fi stereo is not really necessary.

I think the most interesting discovery I made doing this is how quickly you get used to the order of songs laid down on the disc. I'm always thrown off when I use the random play mode because songs don't segue into one another the way I'm used to. Another discovery was how much I now depise commercial radio and blathering DJ's now that I am used to uninterrupted music playing for hours on end on demand. The only problem there is that it's hard to get exposed to new music without putting up with DJ blather at least a little.

-- Bobby G.

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