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I have an old NuTone IM2003 intercom system that I got when I bought my

17 year old home. There are 13 remotes including door and pool deck. The intercom part actually works to a degree; the radio part does not. I don't really need an intercom system but it bothers me that it doesn't work well and I guess it is kinda nice to have as this is a fairly large home. It's also ugly - the intercom, that is.

So I'm looking at some replacement options:

It's a 3-wire system so I'm looking at the NuTone IMA3303.

M&S' DMC3-4 which is designed to replace NuTone's 3-wire intercoms.

Both of these have similar features. The M&S is a bit more expensive. I've heard NuTone has had reliability issues; are they building them any better these days?

I'm really interested in a wireless solution, but I don't know of any that have master and remote stations that mount in the wall like the wired intercoms.

Anyway, all suggestions/opinions welcome.


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If you have a wireless solution that you like you could always remove all of the old units, abandon the old wires and patch over the holes. Some current multi phone cordless phones have an intercom feature that travels with the phone.

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How about a few FRS radios? You carry them around like cellphones, they have multiple channels and they're supposedly good for about 4KM ( 2.5 miles) so you can even talk to someone who is out on the lawn :-).

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