TIRA is junk - AVOID IT!

I bought a TIRA with the intention of writing software to support it for use by the severely disabled confined to wheelchairs.

It is a USB version of the earlier IRA, an IR device that purports to emulate Irman and also receive and send IR in raw mode. Being powered by the USB port, it looked like the ideal solution for this application. I was not interested in using it with Girder in Irman emulation mode.

It uses the FTDI chip (which I've used myself in similar applications) for the USB interface.

It took more than 6 weeks to arrive from Canada. It took several more days to get documentation via email of the ASCII protocol.

I could not get the ASCII protocol to work. When I contacted the manufacturer I was pointed to a DLL file with documentation that indicated the device had to be on COM3-COM8 (why?). It would not work on COM3. The manufacturer was extremely uncooperative.

It also broke all of my other devices that use the FTDI chip, seeing all of them as TIRA.

The manufacturer has refused a refund.

I am awaiting delivery of a USB-UIRT. I hope it will prove to work. It also uses the FTDI chip but uses different FTDI drivers and comes with much better documentation (which I already have).

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Dave Houston
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