Suggestions on networking 2&3 story Condos

I am including a picture of the area I need to blanket with wifi. There will be only one cable internet connection originating from the north part of the complex and I need to blanket the existing units to the south and east with wifi access.

I will also need to implement some sort of login security management system as well... I have been doing some research and came up with 'Welcome to WiTopia >> Where Freedom and Security Meet'

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to possibly solve the second problem, however I'm open to suggestion.

The main difficulty that I see is the buildings are 2 and 3 stories tall throughout and they are made of metal.

Here is an image of the project... this might help a bit.... [image:

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Any suggestions in how to tackle this issue would be highly welcome.

Thank you in advance for any assistance... and I am very grateful for finding this wonderful resource.


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