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Often during my job i have to justify the choice to buy a cisco instead of other equipment. Normally i search on google some reference or some test to support me. Now i have to find some info on SMC switch.

Do you have some hints to give me to support that search?

btw do you know if it's really that dell networking is based on smc?

Thank you Guercio

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Just pointers to discussions like this that come up all the time.

It depends quite a bit on what you are using them for. I'd find them hard to justify to for a basic unmanaged workgroup switch too. Where Cisco shines is its feature set for the price, where you need that set of features for what you are doing, or for the port density, and for its reliability.

Its a huge market, theres many vendors out there making competing products.

I've heard that HP makes the guts, but Dell does their own interface ontop of the bare hardware.

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Doug McIntyre

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