xp - usb - wireless - usb - xp connection question.

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Hi all;

Anyone know if there is kit for connecting usb to usb via wireless

I want to connect to a usb modem from a couple of houses away?

No TCPIP involved.


Re: xp - usb - wireless - usb - xp connection question.

When you say usb modem, what kind of modem? Analog phone, DSL, cable?

I personally myself haven't seen ANY wireless device that supports usb
devices, although I have seen routers with RS232 ports and internal
analog modems. There was a thread on the 31st of March in this newgroup
with the subject 'Wireless Connection over 56k' that suggests a few
devices to provide wireless access to an analog modem.

No TCP/IP is involved? I think you will find its easier to use it, its
the most common networking protocol. And you'll need it for the Internet.

Peter Hoskin

Ian Pellew wrote:
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