Slightly OT: ping/trace software recommendations...

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...since there are plenty of smart networking people here already,
looking for some recommendations...

I've been using NeoTrace Pro 3.25 for about 2 years. It *was* a good
trace and ping utility that also did whois lookups, domain name/IP
resolutions, and had multiple graphical display options of trace/ping
results (including on a map exportable as a graphics file..)

As far as I can tell, its vendor support has gone away, and so has much
of the mapping functionality (after a reinstall, it only wants my home
to be in Dayton...). Google searches and its own help function redirects
to Mcaffee, but there's no indication its suppported by them in any way.

I'm exploring some alternative products (for one: netrace v1 ), and --as with NeoTrace-- am
willing to pay for a decent product...just not sure what good products
are out there since I haven't been in the market.

I liked the mapping display with Neotrace (nice to have, but not
essential). In addition to ping/trace functions, the nettrace has offers
a good look at current port activity. I'm prepared to make the shift
from evualtion to purchase of this, but would be interested in what
others are using before plunking down cash.

Recommendations appreciated....

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