Regular drop out with BT Voyager 2100

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I have been successfully using the Voyager2100 wireless router - but
one evening when I switched on my pc (running Windows 2000) I found
that the wireless network icon at the bottom of my screen kept
switching on and off. The message that accompanied this stated
"wireless network unplugged" & the green icon with the wireless
status kept going from no bars to full bars. The interval for the
switching on and off is less than a second.  This repeated itself for a
full hour before I switched off the machine.  I tested a second laptop
(running windows XP) on the wireless network and the same thing
happened to that connection (it too had previously worked okay).

For your info: All Virus and spyware detection software are up to date
& all Windows updates installed

What I have attempted to do to resolve the issue:

1.  I rebooted the voyager router and reset the configuration

2. All went well until I set the network authentication to WEP & the
encryption to WPA-PSK (with a network key composed of capitals, lower
case and numbers)

3.I rebooted again and set the configuration except didnot encrypt the

4. I downloaded the latest driver for the router

5.I have even changed the channel setting in case of outside

The only way to keep a stable connection is not to have
encryption/authentication which is very concerning. I have tested this
over a period of a month and no improvement.

Is my voyager router defective or is this something someone else has
come across before?

 I am also using BT Voyager laptop adapters.

Re: Regular drop out with BT Voyager 2100

It's possible that you are actually connecting to a neighbor's wireless, which
is prevented when you enable encryption, because your signal is too weak or
nonexistent.  Be sure to set a unique SSID in your wireless router.  Then use
Network Stumbler (free) to see what wireless networks are available (including
your own).

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