Adding a WiFi "receiver" in the barn (200 feet from the house) using spare Mikrotik radios...

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Would this work to add a receiver to the barn 200 feet from the house?

Here is a photo of the equipment I am trying to make good use of.

This is mostly a question for guys like Dan Purgert or Jeff Liebermann who  
understand the Mikrotik equipment better than I do.

A neighbor switched from one WISP to another about a year ago, where the  
first WISP told him to keep the equipment, so the neighbor gave me this.
[1] Mikrotik RB750 wired router
[2] Mikrotik RB411 motherboard + 2GHz/5GHz R52n-m WiFi daughterboard
[3] Associated antenna & pigtails & POE & power supplies & weatherproof box

Normally I turn all my spare transceiver radios into access points but this  
is professional CPE equipment which doesn't have a license to be an access  

To make good use of the Mikrotik router and radio, I'm wondering if I can  
plug the router into the 120VAC outlet in the barn (which is about 200 feet  
away from the house), and then use a short Ethernet cable from this radio  
pointed at the house to pick up an access point from inside the house.

The range isn't in question because I can easily beam the access point in  
the house for a kilometer in good conditions so the question is really  
simply whether the setup works that way.

I've never set up a wireless receiver before so that's why I ask.  
I'm sure I could buy a dedicated wireless receiver but that's not the  
question here.

The question here is how to make good use of this free equipment by setting  
it up as a wireless receiver, so that I could plug in a laptop at the barn  
into the router when I want to.

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