security system for horse barn. Need to have signal go to house 850 ft away

Qsee system. will be new. is there a product that I can hook onto the DVR system to transmit the signal, so she can see on her TV at home? Approx 850 fy. in the country, no services avail but 3g, ect.

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Mark in Spokane
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Surprised Jeff didn't jump in with distance, RF, xmit, etc info...

SO - not sure what a "Qsee system" is ? Is the DVR at the barn, and there is/are cameras that feed into it locally ? I'm guessing there is a video output for local viewing at the DVR ? You could take that video feed and send it out via some WiFi or some 2.4Ghz transmitter with a companion receiver at the house and feed the video to a local monitor.

I think I've seen tons of "wireless TV monitor" setups.... those should work. Of course - the next issue is the distance involved - and the next project would be some form of directional 2.4Ghz antenna/s with enough gain to make a solid connection between the house and barn.

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For the usual reasons. I'm busy. I'm lazy. Not enough information to provide an answer. Insufficient detail. No model numbers. No description of existing equipment. Q See composite video cameras and recorders are cheap junk, although their IP cameras look good. Also, I don't approve of 2.4GHz wireless video, which has become a major source of Wi-Fi interference.

850ft is on the bitter edge of what I've been able to do with CAT5, so that's probably not going to work. However, if only one way video is of interest, from a single camera, it is probably possible to run buriable RG-6a/u coax and just run composite video from the camera and put the camera server in the house. The problem is that 750ft is the generally accepted maximum cable length for video. There are amplifiers that will extend the range, but they're a bit pricy.

For Wi-Fi, the best I can offer is two Ubiquity Nanostation Loco 5 on

5.7GHz. With MIMO, that should be good for about 100Mbit/sec at 850ft. About $200 total. That requires the camera server to be in the horse barn.
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Jeff Liebermann

tnx Jeff -

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