Polycom 512MP to 512MP over IP.

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I am trying to get to the bottom of an issue I have been
experiencing.  Hopefully, you all can assist.

At my company, we are using 3 Polycom 512MP's and are currently
running over ISDN.  We are looking to convert to Video over IP.  We
also have a Polycom 7000, which is a lot newer.

The issue is that we seem to run into network issues while trying to
connect the (2) 512MP's together using IP.  One unit will work better
than the other.  We will get choppy audio, video jitter and lightning

When we connect a 512MP to the 7000 using IP, the 7000 is picture
perfect and clear, while the 512MP experiences the same issues.

I am ready to chalk it up to a duplexing issue, as the 512MP's do NOT
support full duplex.  Am I incorrect in making that assumption?

We use Cisco switches, are connecting directly into the switch and
working from within the same building.  We also tried going out to our
LI office from a unit here in NYC.  Same issue.

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