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When ISPs Tell Seniors Net Neutrality Laws Will Increase Their Bills, They're Lying and Losing

By Ernesto Falcon

The fight to secure net neutrality protections for Californians keeps
showing how far ISPs and their surrogates will go to make a buck off
of ending the free and open Internet. The latest maneuver is a flood
of deceptive robocalls targeting seniors and stating that net
neutrality will raise their cell phone bills by $30 a month and slow
down the Internet. It's not just a lie, it's proof that you've
successfully put them on the defensive by contacting your
representatives about net neutrality.

The robocalls don't mention net neutrality by name. Instead, they
simply assert that S.B. 822 will raise their bills and slow down their
Internet. If ISPs decided to make this true by coordinating to raise
prices in reaction to net neutrality legislation it would probably be
illegal under federal antitrust law. There is no evidence that says
net neutrality harms ISPs to the point where they must raise prices to
make money. In fact, the evidence says the exact opposite. The fact
that this is even possible reveals that we seriously lack sufficient
competition in the wireless market. Such intentional
misrepresentations demonstrate the extent major ISPs oppose any legal
requirements to keep the Internet free and open, even after it has
been discovered that they would go so far as to upsell public safety
during an emergency in California.


Bill Horne
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