Save net neutrality [telecom]

If you've ever had to self-censor a curse word or two when looking at
your latest internet or cable bill, you're not alone. Telecoms are
among the most loathed institutions in the United States. Two of the
America's top 20 most-hated companies are telecoms - Comcast and
CenturyLink - according to a recent report by 24/7 Wall St.
Want to leave one of these bottom-of-the-barrel providers? Good luck.
The bulk of Americans don't have much choice. Around 40 percent
of the country has only one option for broadband internet access.
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Bill Horne
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Sorry to pour cold water on the assumptions - but lots of choices (in UK) dont seem to make it much better...
We have a regulated local exchange operator (Openreach) who wholesales copper, fibre, DSL and broadband to different ISPs. DSL & FTTC broadband covers all but few % of the country
there is 1 big cable operator but their footprint is almost 100% overlap with Openreach
approval ratings seem to go down as size of the provider goes up.
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