Net Neutrality Is Now Just 'Net Ridiculous' [telecom]

by Bruce Kushnick

On Feb 26th, 2015, the FCC is supposed to reveal the full plans for Net Neutrality but Waiting for Godot is probably a better idea if you expect something to happen anytime soon.

What is 'Net Neutrality', 'Title II', 'reclassification', the 'Communications Act'?

The FCC is supposed to be announcing a plan to 'reclassify' the network infrastructure and the Internet Service (ISP) that is delivered over it, as 'Title II", which is named for a section in the Communications Act of 1934 (amended in 1996), "Title II: Common Carriers". The Agency has been nice enough to supply a 'Fact Sheet', and one the FCC Commissioners, Ajit Pai, also has put together his version of a 'Fact Sheet'.

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