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For personal reasons, I have decided to take a hiatus from my
moderator duties at the Telecom Digest, and I welcome applications
from those who are interested in being a temporary moderator.

If you would enjoy that challenge, please send me the following, by
postal mail addressed to -

43 Deerfield Road
Sharon MA 02067-2301


2. A brief statement of your moderation style and expectations.

3. Proof of your real-world identity. A copy of a drivers license is
   fine: if you have posted under a pseudonym and are generally known
   by that nym online, that's not a problem, but I need to know your
   real name and address. I promise to keep it to myself if that's
   important to you.

I'm sorry, but email or other online applications will not be
considered unless you are able to verify your identity in a way I'm
able to confirm. There are good reasons for this.


Bill Horne

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