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Hello, and thanks for reading this.

Pat Townson has asked me to fill in while he's recovering. I know I have big shoes to fill, so I'll ask for your help and understanding while I get up to speed.

Here's a brief introduction: I've been a long time digest reader, and I co-moderate rec.radio.amateur.moderated. I also worked at Verizon and its predecessor companies for Twenty-Five years, as a technician, a computer programmer, and as an engineer.

I'll be approving articles for the comp.dcom.telecom Usenet newsgroup for a few days: that will start tomorrow, but the mailing lists will take a bit longer.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Bill Horne

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Bill Horne
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Thanks for picking up the reigns. I just hope that you don't apply the same rules here as are in rec.radio.amateur.moderated. From what I've seen from email forwards from KH6HZ it would be a great disservice to comp.dcom.telecom if that were the case.


******************** Moderator's note ***********************


Insofar as possible, I intend to emulate both the spirit and practice of what Pat has been doing for many years: I'll keep the group focused on telecom, weed out spam and velveeta, and avoid name calling and ad hominem attacks.

BTW, if KH6HZ, or anyone else, is disatisfied with a moderation decision from rec.radio.amateur.moderated, there is an appeals procedure clearly spelled out.

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