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There's a company here in my neighborhood that is looking for experts in a program called WordPress, so I'm looking for advice and how-to's that will get me up to speed quickly with the "new" way that websites are written. As a learning tool, I've started a blog using WordPress as its foundation: please visit it and provide any advice you can about the layout, look-and-feel, tips-and-techniques, and especially about ways that I can use it to improve the digest.

ob telecom: The blog might develop into a place to have opinions that are a bit too outre for the digest. Let's see.

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Learning tool I'm sure it is. But as a diary of quotidian events, I hope you won't be offended if I say, it's not of much interest to third persons. It should, rather, be more than just such a diary.

I will agree, though, that, sooner or later, there's nothing one has ever learned that doesn't turn out to be one's current lifesaver :-) .

Cheers, and don't stop on my account, that's not what I'd want, -- tlvp -- Avant de repondre, jeter la poubelle, SVP.

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I'll try to bear up under the strain! ;-)

I didn't write that request very well, but I'll be more clear this time.

Don't worry about what's in the blog now: as much as it pains any world-class writer to have a humdrum reception for a new work, I can take the criticism OK.

What I'm looking for is knowledge, pointers, how-to's, etc. I want to learn a lot about WordPress, and quickly, so I put the offer to use the blog for telecom out there, and I'm hoping that I'll learn about the program and its management that way.

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Depending on the hosting service you use a lot of them include WP (WordPress) by default.

I see you've put yours on [root] - cool. In my case I just used the appendage /blog

The thing about WP is you can customize the crap out of it if you know CSS.

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I know a fair amount about CSS, but I'm looking for something else, and I'm not sure of how to describe it. ISTM that Drupal and WordPress have become like Java: a standard platform underneath new code that serves as if it were the "operating system", i.e., it provides a standard "interface" that allows easy portability from one Drupal or WordPress site to another.

I guess I'm looking for the key to the "server room". I want to do something more than just-another-vaguely-familiar website, and I need to know if WordPress or Drupal can serve as a new kind of Java for web development, i.e., if I can use them to build commercial or other sites that aren't like the usual cookie-cutter affairs.

I hope I'm writing clearly. Let me put this another way: is TOC-in-vertical-column-on-left|Content-middle|Breadcrumbs-at-top so ingrained in the typical user's mind that no further work needs to be done? If so, then I will accept that my question is moot. If not, then I need to know if Drupal or WordPress can take me beyond the usual layouts.


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On 11/3/2012 11:33 AM, Bill Horne wrote

Two free (and different) eBooks about WordPress:


should get you started. :-)


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