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Hi all
Hate to be a stick in the mud but has anyone considered security?

Whilst I will help in any way I can manufacturers like ADE , Honeywell
(Galaxy) ,Cooper Menvier (scantronics) anf the like do not take kindly to
their engineers manuals and software being posted freely for all and sundry.
(boo hiss its a free world and all that) .
A lot of our larger clients are government run and would drop us like a
brick if they thought we were giving information about their systems.

Having spoken to Honeywell and Cooper Menvier their recource is to allow
User manuals freely but engineers data can only be accessed by registered
ADE on the other hand will not give any information unless you have an
engineers password.

I know anyone can get a copy of an engineers manual if they really try but
we are trying to refloat the group not sink it without a trace.

Don't get me wrong guys I will do anything I can to help the group and my
user manuals are at your disposal ,but there are already sites out there
carrying manuals.


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