Want to know more on the primier please

Hi Group, Can anyone help with this? please (texecom ) Going on a coures on 28th just wanted to know a bit about it.

I thank you !!!!!!!!!

Micky Leeds.

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Micky Savage
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Hi Mickey I take it you mean the Premier series (u as bad as me for spelling).

The series starts at the 24 ; 24 zones max ,4 keypads max ,16 user codes. and ends with the 88 boasting 640 zones max; 64 keypads max and up to 500 user codes.

All can be configured as 4 wire, 2 wire eol or 2 wire "biscuit" chips on a network.

The great thing is that these panels can take other manufacturers eol chips so on a refit you can use the existing cabling and eol. (replaced an old ADE system last year 2 loops 86 devices.) Programming can be done from the keypad but takes forever on a new instal,or in no time at all using texecoms "Wintex" software.

Goes without saying all panels comply with BS and ENSO regs so can accept "fob" or radio devices for setting. Also Texecoms autodialler can be fitted or a modem ,redcare STU or dualcom. All in all a great Panel. (can you tell I like 'em?)


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CJ, thanks, sorry about the spelling, can't find my specs. Yes I can tell you like them.



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Micky Savage

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