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Hi folks,
I have an aerial in the loft which feeds three rooms via an un-powered
connection/splitter near the aerial.
I currently use a booster for each room fitted near the TV.
Can I fit some sort of junction box - possibly powered - in place of
this splitter to feed the signal from 2 or 3 CCTV cam's (in addition
to the digital TV signal)to the three rooms.
The reason is it will save a lot of work/mess running the cable(s)
through the house.

Re: Installing CCTV
I have been tring to send you the in fo you need, but I keep having the mail


Micky Savage,

Modern Security Systems.
Leeds. W.Yorkshire.

Re: Installing CCTV
Could you post the basics on this group please?

Re: Installing CCTV
Hi .

File to big. I am going to work now will do it for you tomorrow. I will have
to type it .


It can be done, but might be a bit pricey.

Any Way


Re: Installing CCTV
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Than you for the replies.
I envisaged a junction box with a feed in of the aerial and say 3
With out lets for the existing three TV cables feeding a room each.
As you know a join in this main cable invariably causes a reduction of
I was hoping there was such a box available for under 150 - if not -
all things considered I will lay new feeds.

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Please do not go to any trouble as if it is a big job (see above) i
will ignore the existing cables.

Re: Installing CCTV
No Trouble man, its a pleasure.
Work now cancelled due to thunder storm. Get some paperwork done, feed my
ferretts and then I will sort it.

I love my job. I know ( sad ) so it is not a problem.


Re: Installing CCTV
You will need a digital modulator. I have made this short,
The camera plugs in to the mod, You then come out of the rear of the mod to
your T.V cable, " T" of this to your sat or v.c.r then to your telly. Find a
spare channel on your v.c.r and tune in to it through the mod.
I have installed these quite easy , and to be safe you will also need a
combiner. If you have more than one camera in mind a control unit for 4
cameras is available.

I hope this makes sense.

If not I cam fax you all the details from my trade catalogue. Not mine the
Company I use.

Hope this helps , good luck.

Kind Regards.


Modern Security Systems.

Leeds. W. Yorkshire

Re: Installing CCTV

You can get a 4 camera control box to go in the attic & modulate the cameras
on to a channel for the TVs.  This box will also supply the cameras with 12
volts power & switching can be controlled by various methods including PIR
detectors, keyfobs etc.
Good, reliable units that we have been installing for 10 years.


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