Installing video system in IL

Hello All, I haven't posted in awhile, so I hope everyone is doing well. I just moved to Illinois and have come to find my apartment complex is interested in having cameras installed throughout each of their seven buildings. I have installed simple cam systems (4 and 8 cams with stand-alone monitor) for some churches I work with, but it looks like the apartment people want a bit more. I know cam installs usually aren't very difficult (3 wires per cam and a basic rack mount DVR), but I'm not sure what the regulations are in IL for installs. I suppose I could go with the "consultant" route and tell them how it needs to be done, but it is so much easier to just run the wires and to do the computer setup myself. They wouldn't be paying me, but instead they would wave my rent. Anyone know of laws or ordinances which I should research further?

Also I would need someone who would like to make a bid for the company. They would need systems for 7 buildings (8 color cctv cams each, time-lapse recording on VCR or DVR, a couple of night vision cams for the parking lots). These are older buildings, so the ceilings are concrete. I figured the only real way to deal with that is painted track molding. I saw a few (hundred) packages online for about $1,500. They included 8 dome cams, computer, DVR box, and all of the cables. I'm sure one of the wholesalers (or installers) can beat that price with the multiple unit sales. Just let me know what you all think.

Thanks, Scott

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