Temporary aerial cabling tween buildings- Arnco flex tubing?

Customer wants temporary cabling between two buildings (about 30 feet apart). They plan to trench later this year so this is supposed to be "temporary". I need to put up a couple of cat5e right now, but I just found out that one tenant will want to add more stuff soon (50pr cat3 and a couple more cat5e). I found some aerial tubing that looks like a great idea (flex tube with an aerial cable attached). It's called Strand-guard Flexcor by Arnco. That seems like a good idea.

I would like to find a source for this or something similar in small lengths. One source I found only mentioned reels of 2400 ft, while I only need about 50 ft.

Is this something electrical supply houses might have? I will be making phone calls tomorrow but I figure someone here might have a quicker or better solution.

Thanks Charles

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It will be. Equipment at both ends will be fried by any nearby (

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Robert Redelmeier

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