HDMI Connection Verus Component Connection

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A couple of days ago I bought a Pioneer pdp4312 (pdp4304) form Costco.
Then I bought a Samsung dvd-hd850 DVD player. The 4312 displays a beautiful
720p image from the dvd player, via hdmi connections.  Tomorrow Comcast is
going to install
HD digital cable.  I really like the hdmi connection from the dvd player to
the 4312.
I'm thinking keep it in place for the 720p image from the dvd player and
have the cableguy  install
Comcast hd using component cables to the 4312.  Display 1080i or 720p hd
cable and keep the beautiful
720p dvd  display.  Can anybody tell the difference between Comcast hd cable
using component instead of
video?  Both can display 1080i or 720p.


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