DVI questions: PC -> HDTV

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I'm hoping that someone can answer some questions for me...

I"m getting a new HDTV delivered and I'm looking at DVI cables. TV is an RCA
D52W20 51". PC has a DVI-I output (Single/Dual? Not sure).

Is the DVI port on my TV single or dual DVI? Analog or digital? The specs
online doesn't say. Will using a dual DVI cable benefit the TV signal at
all, or is this just to allow for higher PC monitor resolutions?

If the signal is DVI-D I should be able to use any DVI-D cable to go from
the PC to the TV. Because the signal is digital the quality of the cable is
not as important as if it were analog, correct? The picture will be clear,
or majorly messed up - no in-between fuzzyness, etc?

Any pointers for someone new to HDTV and home theater in general?

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