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I just purchased a 4 input component system selector.  It simply allows
me to connect 4 component video cables.  My LCD TV only has 1 input so
it was necessary.

But I noticed that when watching a DVD and cable (even sometimes with
XBOX) I can see 'interference' lines scroll up the screen.  Obviously
on primarily dark scenes/games.

Does anyone know if this can be eliminated?  What about high end
selectors?  Do they exist?  Does anyone make one that has little to no

A friend warned me about this.  It's rather annoying as it does
slightly discolor the image too while it scrolls up.

Any ideas would be helpful.


Re: Component video - system selectors

I use a splitter from Radio Shack/ The Source and it doesn't seem to
affect the signal quality, at least not to a level I can see. If you'rs
is from somewhere else, you could maybe try one of theirs, otherwise, a
new receiver with component switching might be in order. "I had to
dear, it just wasn't working without it.." worked with my wife! ;-)

Re: Component video - system selectors

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I had the same problem with this insignia TV I bought (ok rag all you want
on thr brand name, but for 400 bucks, it was a DAMN good buy, haha, I could
only fit upto a 27" TV in teh space )

I bought a Pelican system selector pro off ebay (I want to say it was like
50 bucks or so, don't remember off hand) it switches between 8 devices, an
also has 3 eithernet in's and 1 eithernet out (for hooking up your gam
consoles to this box for on-line play, VERY handy instead of running
seperate cables or using a hub to connect your Xbox and Ps2 for on-line
play) I've noticed no signal loss or interferance using this setup. it also
has a front port that allows you to hook up an external source vidoe
S-video, component or composite. only draw back is I wish it had a remote, I
believe they do make one now that has a remote to switch between inputs, but
it's not that big of a deal, I have 2 inputs on my TV, 1 is the cable box,
the 2nd is the system selector which has my xbox, ps2 and DVD player on it,
so I have to get up regardless to put on my ps2 or insert a DVD.

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