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hi all...
i hv 2 machines which i wish to network
one of then has an internet connection using USB ADSL WAN modem...
Rhine III fast ethernet adapter installed...
and the other one has
realtech family pc fast ethernet adapter installed...
i wanted to know...if i have to install another NIC for the computer
with USB ADSL modem...does the modem use a nic...also please suggest
minimal hardware which i would be needing to network the two machines
reply asap
Thanks in advance:-)
Aditi Sharma

Re: new @ networking

you only need a Ethernet cross cable between both your pc

and enable the internet sharing on your pc connected to the net,this can be
done in XP by going to the advance property of the simulated USB nic of your
ADSL modem and active the sharing option..

when you will do so the nic in you pc connected to the web will get
programmed as a fix ip address of and your pc will become a DHCP
server so you only need to program the pc not connected to the web to accept
dhcp address and everything will start to work..

I highly recommend that you use a firewall on the web connected machine to
protect both of your pc
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Re: new @ networking

Thanks for the information petem...
but i wil give you some more trouble
 i m here agin with a problem...i m tryin g to network 2 win xp
machines...i set up computer names, workgroups and everything...but wen
i try to acces shared folders on one mc from another i get an
error...//(computer name) is not accesible you mite not have permission
to use this network resource .the network path was not found.
please tell me what could be wrong.

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