Reset the password on my HomePortal 1000SW?

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Have a modem and wireless router.
HomePortal 1000SW, 3.5.5
Trying to get past the lost password.

FWIW. I take lots of notes, but none of the recorded passwords work.

Apparently, a more recent version of the software/firmware (not
really sure what it is) allows easier unsetting of the password, but
I guess my box won't accept the new firmware, and I have not been
able to find it on 2Wire's website anyway. According to the somewhat
outdated HomePortal, I might be able to call AT&T and give them a 20
digit number, and have them give me a temporary password. Somehow I
doubt it, I would rather just try resetting the thing.

After some research... My best lead is from this page.
But I do not understand the instructions.

I am trying to use Wireshark 1.2.7, my first experience with a
packet sniffer.

From that webpage...

... Connect to your 1000sw

I guess that just means like it is right now, with Internet
communications flowing through the router.

... You will see packets from the IP you assigned to the homeportal

The current Wireshark window title is
"Realtek 10/100/1000 Ethernet NIC"
The lines are color-coded. The white ones say "Source... 2wire"...

... Statically assign an IP to your nic in the same subnet as the IP
you assigned the homeportal

I do not assign an IP to my NIC. I guess "subnet" means a group of
addresses within a certain range. I have no idea how to statically
assign a number to the NIC.

... Go to ģIP_of_homeportal/management
... Click on Resets
... Click on Reset to Factory State

That looks like a path, but I need help getting there.


Originally posted to a different group, thought it was a reasonable
size, but almost all of it is Google Groups spam.

Re: Reset the password on my HomePortal 1000SW?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

 Have you tried the procedure outlined in the manual?

 If that doesn't work, then take a look at those packets in Wireshark that
have the 2wire as their source and note the IP address they are coming
from. Probably something like or Then Google
"how to set up a static IP address in (insert your OS here)". You should be
able to find the instructions. Set your computers IP address to something
very close to the routers, but not the same. For instance, if the router is
at then set your computer to

 Once that is done, reboot your computer, open a browser window and type in
the IP address of the router followed by the /management. For instance, if
the router is at then type in and
it should take you to the management page you are trying to access.

 Don't forget to reset your computers IP address back to what it was before
(probably "assigned automatically").

Don't bother trying to
contact me via email.

Re: Reset the password on my HomePortal 1000SW?

Whoever <whoever wherever.invalid> wrote:


Whoever you are, thanks for the clear looking information, hopefully
someone will be able to use it (maybe me next time).

I just remembered that the password was changed to something familiar
when using the wireless router as wi-fi for an iPhone.

Sorry. False alarm. I got it now.

Too bad I do not get to test your instruction...

Hasta la Vista

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