Re: DHCP on ethernet question

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Hi there

I'm in the same sh!t like you... in some kinda pleasent need of a DHC

client on my 1605R...

anyway, i'm running IOS (tm) 1600 Software (C1600-Y-M), Versio

12.1(1)T,  RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1), and it has (as indicated) no DHC

Do you guys know what version of ISO (if any) that contains th


And another thing you might know:

Where and how do I retrieve IOS images for my router? I'm told tha
Cisco's website is nothing but red tape and regulations - but if it'
possible for me as the rightfull owner, to get the images from Cisc
itself, i'd be glad to learn how


Kenneth Anderse

Re: DHCP on ethernet question
You have to license the IOS from Cisco and make sure that you ahve the
approriate memory available.

to get the IOS images, you must pay for a smart net for the appropriate
router, or purchase the IOS pack. (which they no longer sell for 1600s)

You're best bet is to contact Cisco Direct, explain your situation and see
what they can do for you.


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