Hi there, I've got a LAN made by:

5 Catalyst 2950G-EI 1 Catalyst 3508G 1 PIX 506 1 router 1721 with ADSL module

The center of the network is the 3508 to which all 2950G are connected using fibre cables. The router (that accesses the internet) is connected by a crossed cable to the PIX. The pix is connected to one of the 2950. All ports of each 2950 are assigned to separate VLANs (so I have 5 VLANs). Every VLAN accesses the internet using a subinterface on the PIX (so I have

5 sub-if on the pix). All PC connected to my network are Windows based and their IP addresses are assigned manually to the NIC. Each VLAN has a separate addressing space: VLAN 1: VLAN 2: VLAN 3: VLAN 4: VLAN 5:

There is no intraVLAN routing.

I would like to know if it is possible to have a DHCP server for each VLAN, using only the components I listed above. Maybe there's a way to activate this service on each sub-if of the pix.... Or maybe on each 2950G (Enhanced Image)... Any hints is highly appreciated by a newby :-) Thanks


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