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I never passed CCNA and i would like to know one question :

Sometime, i've some problem to fast calculate "in my head", i like to
have a paper to write (example with netmask, number of subnet etc ...).

During CCNA exam, can I have some paper ?



Re: Little question about CCNA

Yes, you can have a place to write notes.  Some test centers will give you
paper, while other have a small dry erase pad and marker.  You must use the
material given to you by the test center and these must be returned when you
leave.  You can't bring you're own materials into the test.

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Re: Little question about CCNA

Fwed wrote:
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Yes, you can have some paper.  As it has been pointed out, some test centres
prefer to issue small whiteboard and markers which I tend to equate to
trying to write a novel using a chisel and slate.  I now phone the test
centre before booking exams (if it's not a centre I've used before) and ask
what their policy is on neanderthalic writing implements and if they insist
on the wrong answer, I simply use another centre.  It's their financial loss
at the end of the day.

You might consider writing down tables such as subnets when you get the
paper when you are sat down in front of the test computer but *before* the
start of he exam - you will have a few minutes before the exam tht you can
do this.  You really need to know how to subnet in your head beforehand but
writing it down can be of help.

Re: Little question about CCNA

Thanks a lot for yours answer ! :))

Dave a écrit :
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