Layer 3 switch model?

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    I'm a college student & my final year project is to upgrade &
reconfigure my college network... The college has 700 PC's. It's an
adhoc network.  I have recommended VLANS. In all there will be 7
VLANS. I want to know which model of Layer 3 switches I should
recommend to the college. It shouldn't be very costly. Please give me
your suggestions/ recommendations.

Re: Layer 3 switch model?

well depending on what your distribution connectivity will be, On the
cheap with no redundancy I would use a 3560 with ip base for your layer
3, 3560G-24TS or 48TS if needed for example. of course this depends on
if your going to run gig to your distribution or not.

Also you may want to take into account what kind of server
infrastructure you want to have and how robust you want the core to be.

No idea what your budget is but 3750's in the core + 2960's on edge with
gig uplinks is generally a solid solution. you can get away with 3560's

Without more details for example, how many servers, how many closets,
what kind of connectivity the closets have, how many ports per, do you
need poe, and your budget. thats about all I could suggest. wrote:
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