ICND 640-811

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Due to being an academy student I still have access to the old CCNA
exams. I recently took the 640-811 ICND exam and missed it by 40
points. I only had a single simulation question but was looking to see
if anyone else has run into this simulation.

PC 1 via console to Router A
Router A via serial to Router B
Router B to Switch A
Switch A to PC 2

The steps I took are listed below to try and get this going correctly.

1. Consoled into Router A and verified the IP of both Serial
Interfaces. In this case I was given 192.168.XX.XX  \\30. Using show
cdp ne details I telneted into Router B and verified that both
interfaces were in the same subnet.

2. From Router B I was able to unshut the Fast Ethernet interface and
verify it was on the same subnet as the switch range.

3. Tested via ping from the PC attached on the switch side that
communication was available accross the serial link and to the other
LAN located on the Router A side.

I thought I had this one correct but i think it was not since I failed
the test and from my detailed score report i passed all sections
except the Planning and Design. Questions I had about this simulation
is the fact that RIP v1 was being used as the routing protocol and we
all know that it does not support VLSM. So if this is the case then
should I reconfigure RIP to version 2 or reconfigure the entire
network to a single class C network. I understand the fundamentals of
how both RIPv1 and v2 operate but I am not sure how " Cisco " would
like me to answer this question. If anyone could shed any light I
would greatly appreciate it.

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