Routing one modem through another?

I have an ADSL modem, a ComTrend CT-5071, as it calls itself. A piece of crap.

The question is, I also have a 2Wire Home POrtal with a router built in, as well as wireless networking built into it. I want THAT to work instead! But my provider bns all modems but their own, it seems....Surewest? Ever heard of them?

Is there any way to route the crappy modem into the nice 2Wire one somehow and take advantage of its nice networking capabilities? I don't want to have to go buy a new router or a wireless router....

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Don't think so. There is no "WAN" port on the 2wire except for the telephone jack. Possibly use it as a hub, but tough to setup.

you might try getting all of the detail settings of your current modem (vp, vc, key code, etc) and see if you can match those to settings in the 2wire device...

good luck

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Kay Archer

An alternative is to scrounge another Ethernet card and slave your other machine or what ever off of that one.

If you have a small bridge lying around you could plug the second Ethernet card into that and slave even more devices off of it. Kind of a build your own router sort of thing.

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