Which one is better?

I see allot of people addressing issues with Linksys products. I will be
purchasing components for a wireless network and I have been using DLink
products for awhile. Are Linksys products better than DLink? Do they have
better security? Or is it that they are just cheaper?
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[Linksys vs Dlink]
IME Dlink has a better feature set on paper, but they don't work nearly as well. I install Linksys (WiFi) routers all the time for clients, and they just work.
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William P.N. Smith
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Linksys, DLink and Netgear products are good, but none of these products are "perfect" in every way. I had a terrible time with a Linksys router and my ISP, turned out I had to downgrade the Linksys firmware.
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Paul Silverman
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Oh -- that question might open a pandora box. LOL
I think you find more "griping" about Linksys because it is the most commonly used brand for home SOHO networking consumers.
I also use primarily DLink, which (for the most part) has proved to work just fine. The few issues I did encounter seem to also be prevalent with Linksys hardware as well. My main reason for staying with one brand (DLink) is mainly to be able to take advantage of the proprietary "turbo modes". I think this is precicely why you find wireless routers (with built-in AP's) to be less expensive than standalone AP's. Manufacturers know that a router/AP is usually the first animal you purchase and want to get you "branded" from the start.
Cheers! -Eric
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