Qwest using hardcoded Linksys router???

I have a co-worker who had Qwest set up his entire home network. Part
of the setup includes an Actiontec modem and a Linksys router (sorry I
don't have the model numbers at this time). The issue is he cannot VPN
in to work because of IP address conflicts. I told him what to look
for and what to change. He said he could not find the option. He
called Qwest twice, and both times the technicians said the IP of the
Linksys was hardcoded and there is nothing he or they can do about it.
Has anyone else heard or run across this?
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I can't address your question but I'm curious what hardware Qwest supplied; I have an Actiontec GT701-WG from Qwest and it's its own router (and wireless AP).
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Bert Hyman
I'm a little confused as well because when I had Qwest it was just the one router as well. I'm going to go check out the setup when he gets back. I'll try to remember to come back here and add coments.
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