Idle Timeout despite heavy use?

I have a DLink-500T connecting a WIFI switch DLink-724PI. I've been having problems with idle timeout despite heavy use. This occurs no matter what I do, with one exception. I usually do web-serfing and MMORPG gaming. In both cases, idle timeout occurs right on schedule no matter how many bytes have been passed through the ISP. The one exception is downloading which seems to be registered by the ISP as bona fide traffic.

I've been working with ISP tech but they don't seem to have a clue. We even run continuous pinging to see if it helps. Strangely enough, when we tried this the first time it worked like a charm, no more idle timeout. It worked for about a day though and then it went back to idle timeout every 15 minutes ping or no ping. The ISP gave me a new account to play around with. Same problem except now the idle timeout problem occurs every 30 minutes. To me, I think someone messed up the server side config badly for the node servicing my home. Unfortunately, the tech people I'm dealing don't seem to be too knowledgeable. Any suggestion?

I have one workaround idea by setting up a background download for some huge file. The downside of this is that it impacts the performance of other things I do. Does anybody know a way to restrict download speed to, say, 1 kbps? The whole idea hear is to generate download traffic that the ISP server recognize as bona fide trafic so that timeout doesn't occur. Any download manager software to suggest that can do what I have in mind? Thanks in advance.


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