Alcatel NAT Pinhole not working...

Hello all,

I've tried to run a simple test to surface my local webserver on the web. I've removed DHCP from the PC and hard coded its IP to Following the guidelines from

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I created a NAT entry, so my list now looks like this:

=>nat [nat]=>list Indx Prot Inside-address:Port Outside-address:Port Foreign-address:Port Flgs Expir State Control ... lots of stuff I took out, not relevant... 9 6 instance 10 6 template [nat]=>

look at the above in notepad if it word-wraps on you

I know that the settings are saved because I have turned off and back on the Altactel router. I also know the web server is running because I can hit it locally via

But when I try and hit the server via its external IP of (what I get from it just times out.

What is also odd is that I can ping but if I try and run a traceRt to it fails. I have tried both Microsoft's traceRt and Necrosofts.

anyone have any suggestions?

-randall sell

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I figured it out. the external IP is only "available" external to my network. So from inside the WAN I cannot access my external view. It works fine, I just had to test it from a PC on the internet, outside my local network.


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