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We have bought a linksys wireless 54-g on an by phone line with broad band also we have purchase a dlink pci wireless card we have installed the card on an windows 98 machine it works fine but sometimes it drop the green lights for the connection we then have to turn the machine on/off to reset the lights the mazchine is about 30 metres away from the linksys

is this a common probelm??


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It appears to be a frequent topic. But, after a fresh boot and the lights are on, go to the device manager (under system in the control panel) and click on computer. See what IRQ the pci card has and see if it is shared (something else using the same one). Should be 9, 10, or

  1. ( I had a similar problem with a shared irq with my sound card)

If this looks ok, then take note when the connection drops, (microwave on, using 2.4ghz phone etc.) When connected, what is your signal strength and connect speed. 30 metres indoors is quite a bit if there are alot of walls etc in the way. Try reorienting the antenna or the access point to get the best signal and speed. Even try horizontal position. Instead of rebooting, go to network connections, right click on the wireless adapter and disable then reenable it. See if it wakes back up!

Good luck



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