Wireless Network Via D-Link DSL-G624T

Hi all,

Using the afore mentioned router i have had wireless network and internet access throughout my house with no problems for the last year or so.

Today for some reason I lost all internet access from both machines, this resulted in my having to re-enter all details into the router again from my desktop. As if it had been reset?

Having gone through all that - I now have access again from my desktop. For some reason I can not get my laptop to pick the connection up whatsoever. It can not seem to find a wireless signal. Does anyone know of any software or anything I can do to test the wireless receiver built into my laptop? Device manager informs me that its running ok although I don't know - it could actually be the router any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

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Kevin Cole
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Make sure you don't have wireless turned off (my laptop is Function F2), or disabled in the control panel.... (device manager shows it working okay, but turned off to programs)

as for the temp loss, i had a problem last year/spring when the power kept glitching and screwing up my wap/router, would reset with an unplug/replug, finally just put an elcheapo lamp timer on it to turn off/on a few times a day...

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Peter Pan

In your router set-up you may have the wireless turned off or you may have enabled the "hide network" function.

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Worn Out Retread

Cheers Guys,

Did FN+F2 (had a picture of a transmitter looking thing on it!) Then selected repair connection.

hey presto all up and running again !

Thanks again!

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Kevin Cole

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