Hirose U.Fl - Female RSMA "pigtails"


I am looking to modify a couple WLAN (PCMCIA - type 2) cards and attach an external antenna. They both have a Hirose U.Fl connector on the circuit board. So, I need a "pigtail" that has a Hirose U.Fl on one end and a female RSMA on the other.

The only place I can find sells such cables has them 12" long. I only need them 2" or shorter. Does anyone know where I could purchase such a cable within North America?


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Blue Streak
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Well, maybe not in N.A., but have you looked at the obvious?:

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A few shorter than 12".

Could you buy some tooling and connectors? Perhaps buying U.FL double-ended cables and cutting them in half to terminate them with RP-SMA may be cost effective.


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