Wireless disconnections due to signal noise level?

Hello, After investigating several weeks, i strongly think of this. And i wonder why?

Although the wi-fi signal strength level is ''good'' or ''very good'' , i experience random disconnections. At first days, i didn't think of signalling problems but after removing doors are brackets around my router signalling went to ''excellent'' or ''very good'' level without problem and no more wireless disconnections happens when signal strength is ''excellent'' which is reported in my Wi-fi adapter's utility.

I wonder this: Is it normal or occasinal having wireless drops or disconnections although signalling level reported as ''good'' or ''very good'' ? I know radio signals spread non-linear so any instant signal loss causes drops or disconnections. Is that true?

Note: There are channel interference. (tested)

My stable levels are for: Signal: -55 to -60dbi Noise -90 to -82dbi

Please help or make me understand about wireless signals.

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Makes sense.

Signal strength and signal quality (quantified typically in signal to noise ratio) are separate things. Many adapters will correlate only signal strength in their "good" and "very good" status and ignore SNR for that purpose. Poor SNR can certainly cause disconnections.

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Todd H.

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