Wireless connectivity issues

Hello everybody-

I apologize if this question has already been posted, actually the previous post to this is quite simular. Hoping to get some answers here.

In a nutshell, problem is that my laptop will only connect wirelessly (sp?) some of the time.

Details, if they matter:

Laptop is an Inspiron 8200 series with an Intel Proset wireless card. Modem is a 2Wire brand (has 4 ethernet ports and a usb port).

I will be able to browse the internet one second, and the next I am getting a display stating that "This webpage cannot be displayed". According to my status monitor in the system tray I have a strong connection. I also have a PC which is wired in, and it works perfectly.

I have called Qwest and spent hours trying to troubleshoot why this is happening, with no success. The last conversation ended with the suggestion that perhaps my wireless card needs a firmware update (which I don't see on Intel's website), but I don't understand why this would be... If it was a firmware issue, the internet should not work period, right?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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a handy networking tool is ping

if you on Windows XP, click Start->Run then type in "cmd"

a command line window should pop up, at the prompt type "ping

formatting link
" you can also ping google, msn or other websites that's rarely down

if no packets are lost, then your network is OK

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