Switch Going to Router?

OK, here's my question:

I have several computers on my desk which are connected to my wireless router with short Ethernet cables. The wireless function is used by my notebook computer which is used in various parts of the house. Coverage is obstructed and I have to move the router to a different spot in the house which will have a more consistent signal at the notebook wherever it's used. So...I will have to have a longer Ethernet connection from my office computers to the router. Rather than run three or four 25' ethernet cables connecting each individual computer to the router, can I run all of them into a switch (remember those?) at my desk and have a single

25' cable go from the switch to the router? Switch and router are both 10/100 fast Ethernet from the same manufacturer and presumably compatible otherwise.

I have all the parts to do this, if it will work. Otherwise I'll have to waste three hours on a trip to Fry's to get anything else additional.

Thanks for any help.

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Yes, one cable from router to switch, and multiple pc's plugged into switch

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You don't need to have parts from the same vendor for this to work. Just make sure to use Cat5e cable or better and if you make your own ends that they are made properly. Also, make sure you use a 10/100/1000 switch and not a hub.


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Very good! Thanks!

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Just for clarification- your AP/router is typically also a switch- switching traffic between its local ethernet ports and wireless clients. All those are logically connected to the same switch.

Then you'd simply be cascading switch(es) from an ethernet port. Without concern about crossover ethernet cables, because of the inherent smarts of current switches.


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